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Dr. James Odor, M.D. Patient Reviews

Dr. James Odor, M.D.

Dr. James Odor, M.D.

Orthopedic Surgeon, Specializing in Spine

  • Tara Alexander
    Tara Alexander

    Im so grateful I got a 2nd opinion. The original spine surgeon consult rushed me through the visit without listening to me, and then had the nerve to say my pain couldn't be where I say it was. I was then sent for a 2nd opinion to Dr Odor. Every single person on his staff go above and beyond to make me feel like I matter. Brandi really listened to me & confirmed my pains. SHE REALLY LISTENED, took her time & assured me they could(& DID) help me. Then met with Dr. Odor, who also took his time explaining everything, & answered all my questions. I need 3 surgeries total. The first(neck fusion) total hip replacement& spinal fusion. The minute I woke up from procedure I immediately felt relief. He was right there when I opened my eyes in recovery. He assured me the procedure was successful &asked if felt difference?? After just about a year numb fingers and constant headaches,it was(STILL IS)such relief to no more headaches as well feeling fingers.

  • Robert

    I must say this office has been nothing but amazing. All staff has been helpful and caring through my whole process of care. They respect my opinion and have always made me feel comfortable. The Doctor and his nurse practitioners have been fantastic with my care. I personally like to thank Dr. Odor and his medical assistant Katrina

  • CFA

    Dr. Odor is the only Physician that I would trust with my back, and have for a number of years. He was the reason that my wife today has a corrected neck that was incorrectly done by others in the past. He has done fusions at two levels of my back which has corrected the pain and restored my ability to do more with my life. Anytime I am asked about my back and who corrected it he will be the only one I would ever recommend. Honest and forthright about the issues and does not go directly to surgery. Talks to you about your concerns until you understand the issues at hand and treatment options. You can losses with him or his staff they make you feel comfortable always considerate of you and they always greet you with a smile and name.

  • David Edwards
    David Edwards

    After years of pain when I walked ,My right leg lost its ability to move,had to use a walker to get to bed and bathroom. My quality of life was on the sucky side.This man Dr. Odor gave me back my life. I love him and his staff very much. They treated me like i was important and a human being from the office staff .surgery staff,and nursing staff at Spine Surgery Hospital, and with dignity. my Family and I thank you very much.

  • Dr Odor did my Lumbar Fusion in June 2001. I am now having other problems and am so glad he is still in practice. I trust no one else to help me.

  • Dr Odor is willing to listen and discuss all treatment options. I had surgery and at last my leg pain is completely gone. His staff is very kind and I think his nurse practitioner Brandi is very smart.

  • Lane Moore
    Lane Moore

    As far as I'm concerned there's no better spine doctor in the region. I had my first fusion in 1994 and returned this year for a fusion at another level. Unfortunately I will have another fusion soon - none at his fault. He takes as much time as needed in your appointment. You will not feel rushed and he goes the extra mile in putting you at ease. The Spine Hospital is a top notch facility. His staff is awesome and without equal in care and concern. I give him my highest recommendation.

  • No other doctor could give me answers on what was wrong with me. Dr. Odor gave me the answers and the solution. I know I am in good hands. He is amazing!!!!!!!

  • Todd Wilmoth
    Todd Wilmoth

    I went to dr. odor for a second opinion for my back injury. The first dr. Told me I needed to get used to the pain. Dr. Odor identified and with minor surgery, repaired a torn and partially herniated disc. It's been three years now, and I've been pain free. I'm very active and can do anything as before the injury.

  • I could not have gotten a better Spine specialist any where! Dr. Odor sees each of his patients as people and NOT just another case or paycheck. His staff are just as caring and personable as he is!

  • Joe Norton
    Joe Norton

    He is a Awesome an excellent Dr. My wife an I (Joe Norton) have both had to have Surgery's I had to have a 360 on back then had to have neck Surgery. That has been over 3 years ago an I'm doing Great. My wife (Brandy) had her sciatic Nerve Pinched an she is Doing Great. He has Great Bed side manners. An he is a Man of God!!

  • Scoutysgrammy

    Dr. Odor is an excellent doctor -- very wise and knowledgeable about spine concerns. He's easy to talk with and explains my health situation with clarity. I especially like it that he knows me when I come in -- I'm not just another patient. He's like no other doctor I see today because of his excellence in surgery and patient care -- before and after surgery. I highly recommend him.

  • Dr. Odor did a wonderful job, his professionalism is unsurpassed and I totally trust him with all decisions. It has been a life changing event and with a Pars Defect, which I had is 2nd worst operation you can put your body through. Now, a month later the symptoms of what I dealt with ever since my accident are gone. He has been there the whole way with pain management and now beginning my rehabilitation. I will recommend Dr. Odor to anyone who has any defect or injury of the spine.

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