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Dr. Odor’s Performance

  • Trustworthiness – Excellent 4.5/5
  • Explains Condition(s) Well – Excellent 4.5/5
  • Answers Questions – Excellent 4.4/5
  • Time Well Spent – Excellent 4.6/5

Office & Staff Performance

  • Scheduling – Excellent 4.3/5
  • Office Environment – Excellent 4.5/5
  • Staff Friendliness – Excellent 4.4/5
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Dear Dr. Odor, my surgery anniversaries from 2006 are approaching. Just want to thank you for diagnosing my spine injuries, both lumbar and cervical. More importantly, I am grateful for your surgery skill as you repaired me. I appreciate both you and your staff as I was encouraged and challenged to return to riding and competing. I am so thankful I am able to compete and win at an elite and professional level at my age and after my injuries/surgeries.

Always racing (with hardware), Tamara from Oklahoma

Visiting Dr. Odor is the best doctor’s office visit I have ever experienced. His entire staff is very professional and caring. He spent plenty of time listening to me explain my years of symptoms and examining me. On my second visit with him (after some additional imaging), he accurately diagnosed my issues and presented me both surgical and non-surgical treatment options. I chose the non-surgical option and could not be happier!
Dr. Odor is awesome and an excellent doctor. He has great bedside manners, and he is a man of God! My wife and I have both had surgical procedures performed by Dr. Odor. I had a 360 degree fusion on my back, as well as neck surgery. More than three years later, I’m doing great. My wife had a procedure to relieve a pinched sciatic nerve and she is doing great, too!
Dr. Odor is an excellent doctor — very wise and knowledgeable about spine concerns. He’s easy to talk with and explains my health situation with clarity. I especially like it that he knows me when I come in — I’m not just another patient. He’s like no other doctor I see today because of his excellence in surgery and patient care — before and after surgery. I highly recommend him.
Dr. Odor did a wonderful job with my procedure. His professionalism is unsurpassed, and I totally trust him with all decisions. I had heard that treating a pars defect is the second worst operation you can put your body through, but it has been a life-changing event. Now, the symptoms that I dealt with ever since my accident are gone. Dr. Odor was there the whole way, through pain management and my rehabilitation. I will recommend Dr. Odor to anyone who has any defect or injury of the spine.
I have a degenerative disc disease which will require lifelong treatment, so I did a lot of research on Dr. Odor. He is by far the best in the state and country. He performed three of my surgeries with no complications, good pain management, and success each time.
Dr. Odor was filling in for my current surgeon who was on vacation. I came to the hospital in intense pain. He had me admitted and was aggressive in getting my pain under control. He suspected infection in a previous fusion, which it turned out it was. He made all the right calls while also informing my regular surgeon. He was awesome.
I have to say, after coming to Dr. Odor, I would not use any other spinal surgeon. He is calm, friendly, knowledgeable, considerate, down-to-earth, thoughtful, and extremely skilled. The other surgeon I saw before Dr. Odor should not be allowed to hold a knife, let alone a scalpel!!! I was terrified going into my first appointment with Dr. O. He sat me down, talked to me like I was a person and not a pay day, explained everything about my prognosis, diagnosis, options, and generally put me at ease with what would be coming in my near future. I have to say this: Thank you, Dr. Odor! I have been recommending you to anyone who will listen, and even trying to get people from out of state to come see you. I believe in you and your results that much.
Dr. Odor will tell you exactly what is wrong. He will show you on your tests, he will tell you the probability if he can fix it, and your limitations after surgery. Great Doctor!
Dr. James Odor is a wonderful man and great professional. He really cares for his patients. He takes time to talk to you, he explains the problem to you and what he can do to help you. He allows you to talk and explain your symptoms, and it is very easy to talk to him. He is cordial and very polite. He does not judge you or question you if you are a workers compensation case and he is not afraid to treat you if you have other health issues. I have had other spine doctors before him and Dr. Odor is, by far, the best. I strongly recommend this doctor to everyone desperate to find a good spine physician.
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