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Dr. Fadi F. Nasr, M.D. Patient Reviews

Dr. Fadi F. Nasr, M.D.

Dr. Fadi F. Nasr, M.D.

Neurosurgeon, Specializing in Spine

  • Dr Nasr did my back surgery. It has been about 4 years now since I had 2 rods and 6 screws put in my low back. He always makes sure you know what is happening. He is an excellent surgeon. The pain was greatly reduced. Still hurts some but not like before. Thank you Dr. Nasr

  • Justin Burke
    Justin Burke

    I shattered my L1 in April of 2012 and never even had any kind of physical therapy. I’m 40 now and can still run circles around the guys I work with in there twenties delivering building materials. He’s an amazing surgeon! Thank you for being able to keep my normal life!

  • B. Magruder
    B. Magruder

    Dr. Nasr did my back surgery. L4-L5. I was in terrible pain. Couldn’t sit or stand due to blown disk. Surgery totally alleviated my back pain. Within 2 weeks or less I was up and going without any difficulty and without any pain. Very nice and attentive physician.

  • Sherri Lubbers
    Sherri Lubbers

    I was recommended Dr Nasr by two separate people,that he did back surgery on. I had pretty bad degenerative scoliosis. 70° curve in the top part of my spine, a twist in the middke and a 50+° in my lower back. My scoliosis was getting worse very quickly in my 50's. I had a consultation about putting rods in my back with Dr. Nasr and he did all the necessary tests to determine if I was healthy enough to withstand syrgery. Nov 27th, 2017 we did it. No regrets! Dr. Nasr is ighly recommend!

  • C. Adams
    C. Adams

    Dr. Nasr put me completely at ease and was very thorough in explaining all options for my lower back and surgery. I am two years out from surgery and can stand for a couple of hours, walk for miles and run circles around many of my peers. I cannot thank him enough for helping me to add quality to my life.

  • I was a nurse for 20 ears and IMO, Dr Nasr showed just the right amount of confidence in his skills with0ut becoming arrogant. He has a pleasant and courteous bedside manner, is more than happy to answer questions, and has a calming presence. His assistants and associates are very welcoming and make sure you have all the names and info you need to make informed healthcare decisions. I would highly recommend Dr Nasr and his staff.

  • I have had two surgeries in the past 3 months for a complicated back issue. His care and surgical skill have been excellent. He answers all my questions and never tried to pressure me into surgery. I could not be any more pleased with his care and that of his staff. My pain is relieved and with his care I am returning to a normal life. He is five stars for sure.

  • Amazing. So nice and caring. Surgery on my L5/S1 disc, and my leg pain is so much better. Going weeks without leg pain is a new thing for me, and I haven't had that happen in over a decade. He'll take as long as is necessary to clean everything up. He's amazing and his staff is as well. I'm so thankful for what he did for me.

  • Dr Nasr and Dr.White saved my life. Thank You Earnestandkrystalthompson@gmail Thompson

  • Dr. Nasr performed a posterior fusion ( T10-S1) and an anterior fusion (L4-5) in two separate procedures in the summer of 2015. The pain which radiated down my right leg and out by great toe was gone when I awakened from my first procedure. I am so grateful for his skill and caring.

  • Mark jackson
    Mark jackson

    Dr.nasr did a 360 L5 S1 on me as so as I woke up from surgery I had no leg pain as it's been gone ever since,my back pain is still pretty bad , but at least I got some relief, there were no garntees, now I will just have deal with it the rest of my life , dr.nasr is the best doctor I know and believe me I know a few, he will tell u straight up what he do to help u and that's the truth it's been 6 months now , I don't regret doing my surgery cause I got some relief, and I wasn't expecting that.

  • Dr Nasr and his PA and Nurse have always take great interest in me from my first visit. Prompt with any questions about my condition.

  • joyce brown
    joyce brown

    I had a 13 level spinal posterior fusion with rods followed by an anterior inter body fusion performed by Dr Fadi Nasr in Oklahoma City. I am fused from T6 down. At the post-op exam following the posterior fusion, a serious problem was found. A revision surgery was done immediately. Through all of this,I found Dr Nasr and his staff to be very professional,caring,kind,and knowledgeable. Making appointments was easy. A staff member was available by phone to answer questions and help as needed.

  • Barbara B
    Barbara B

    He is very honest and caring. i would and have recommended him to others. I can't say enough good things about him and his staff.

  • Robert B
    Robert B

    Great Doctor and staff. More concerned about my condition and getting me well, than about the $$$. Takes time to explain the problem, how he will fix it and great follow-up (post-surgery).

  • Brandi

    Dr. Nasr is an amazing Doctor! He performed a surgery that other doctors gave me at most a 30% chance of success, and it was 100% successful! Listened, gave good feedback, always super friendly. I have ZERO regrets about choosing Dr. Nasr!

  • Marcy P
    Marcy P

    I have now had three surgeries with Dr Nasr and I am pleased with the results of all three. I have referred two people to him and they have also done well with him. He is a gifted neurosurgeon who I have complete confidence in. He is also a kind and delightful person.

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